Accessing HIE-storage with Filezilla

For users who prefer a graphical interface to hie-storage, Filezilla is a commonly used tool. Once installed, users can access and interact with hie-storage using a windows-like environment as opposed to the command-line interface. Instructions for how to install Filezilla and set it up to access hie-storage are outlined below.




  • On the following page, click the ‘Download Now’ button (which should already be set for your particular OS)



  • Once the Filezilla installer has been downloaded to your local machine, open it to begin the Filezilla installation
  • Step through the installation screens to install the most recent version of Filezilla
  • **Note – Remember to deselect installation of any additional software that you do not require



  • Open Filezilla
  • An overview of the different panels you can expect to find on Filezilla are outlined on the image below
  1. filezilla_overviewLocal file explorer (folder structure above, files below)
  2. Remote file explorer
  3. Status of any current connections/commands
  4. List of (i)files in queue awaiting transfer, (ii) any failed tranfers, (iii) successfully completed transfers


  • To add and save a remote connection (e.g. to HIE-Storage), begin by selecting ‘Site Manager’ from the ‘File’ option on the top menu.
  • The ‘Site Manager’ panel should now open up.
  • Click the ‘New Site’ button and name the new site ‘hie-storage’


  • With the new ‘hie-storage’ site selected in the left panel, fill out the following details in the ‘General’ tab on the right panel
    • Host >
    • Port (optional) > 22
    • Protocol > SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
    • Logon Type > Normal
    • User > “Your hie-storage user name”
    • Password > “Your hie-storage password”



  • On the ‘Advanced’ tab, fill out the entry entitled ‘Default remote directory’ with /data/mounts/hiestorage/ (this is so you are automatically navigated to the top level of the hie-storage folder hierarchy)



  • Click ‘Connect’
  • (On first connect, a dialog box will appear confirming you would like to connect. You may tick the radio box to stop this form happening in the future)
  • You should now see the top level folders of hie-storage, i.e. ‘Common’, ‘Lab’ and ‘WorkingData’ on the right hand panel (with the status on the top panel showing that you are now connected to hie-storage).Filezilla_connected


  • Navigate through hie-storage (e.g. by clicking on WorkingData on the right panel) until you find the directory into which, or from which, you would like to copy a file.
  • Also navigate to the folder on your local file system (in the lift hand panel) from where you would like to copy from/to.
  • To copy a file or folder simply drag that file or folder from left panel to right (or vice versa). You can watch the status of the transfer on the bottom panel.


  • When complete, close the connection to hie-storage by clicking the disconnect button on the top panel menu (red x, see image below). To reopen a connection, click the ‘open site manager’ button (see image below), select ‘hie-storage’ from the left panel and click connect.