Cloudstor is a web service operated by AARNET (Australia’s Academic and Research Network) that allows members of the Australian Access Federation (AAF, of which Western Sydney University is a member) to store, access, and share files. Powered  and inparticular  up to 100GB in size.


The AARNet CloudStor service enables AARNet customers to store, access and share files powered by the high speed AARNet network.

This service allows you to upload a file, nominate a colleague or colleagues to receive the file, as well as set an expiry date on its availability (Cloudstor itself sets a maximum holding period of 20 days). Once the file is uploaded those colleagues will be automatically emailed with a download link. You, as the original uploader, will be notified by email when recipients have downloaded the file. The file will then automatically be deleted from the Cloudstor server come the expiry date.

Additionally, Cloudstor allows you to grant vouchers to non-AAF members from whom you would like to receive a large file. That collaborator will be emailed with a temporary URL at which to upload the file. Once uploaded, you the originator will receive an email to let you know that the file is ready for download at a given link.

The URL for Cloudstor is here:

Having followed the ‘Logon’ button you may then select ‘University of Western Sydney’ from the dropdown box, whereby you will be temporarily redirected to a UWS authentication page. Having supplied your normal UWS credentials you will be rerouted back to the main Cloudstor page. From here you can then upload your file of choice and nominate who you would like to send this to.

For further information you can read the Cloudstor overview page:

or watch an overview video: