EucFACE Variable Collection Codes

Variable Collection Codes for EucFACE produced data.

This page documents known ‘variable collection codes’ (used in the file naming convention) for data produced at EucFACE. Click on each code to see further details about variables associated with that particular code.

Automated Sensor Datasets

DENDROS: Linear displacement measurements of tree stems read 15 minutely at the EucFACE site.

AIRVARS: Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, PAR and Throughfall measurements below the canopy averaged over 1 minute.

GENERAL: General Radiation, Air Temperature, Relative Humidity and Surface temperatures above the canopy averaged every minute.

SOILVARS: Soil moisture and temperature readings (at different depths) averaged every 15 minutes.

RAIN: Tipping Bucket rainfall measurements taken above the canopy in a ring every 15 minutes.