Introduction to HIE-Storage

HIE have a large allocation of disk space on the national RDSI resource ( with our particular allocation referred to as HIE-Storage. HIE-storage is a fully backed up, accessible storage disk, and is available to all HIE-based researchers for storing their research data. The storage itself is organised in an easily navigable and extendible fashion and is customisable in terms of granting access rights to particular researchers. At the same time, the storage is closely coupled to data processing infrastructure (in particular the Orange HPC resource, to aid data analysis workflows. HIE-Storage is accessible via standard ssh/scp/sftp functionality via a linux/terminal interface, or if accessing via Windows OS, software such as Filezilla etc.

HIE-Storage is organised into three primary directories:

  1. Lab – This folder is to facilitate the transfer of data from HIE lab analyses (ie those carried out by HIE Lab/Sequencing technicians) to researchers, as well as provide a secure data storage area for lab analysis data.
  2. WorkingData – Broken down by HIE Facility and/or Project, this directory allows researchers to store their data in an organised structure, as well as collaborate on project data with project members
  3. Common – Used to store communal datasets that may be used by researchers across all, or a large number of, researchers within HIE.