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Any member of the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment is entitled to an account on HIEv. This includes academic and research staff, postgraduate students, as well as technical and admin staff. Non-HIE individuals may obtain limited access to HIEv if it can be shown that they are a significant member of a HIE-led experiment and will either be making substantial use of data hosted within HIEv or will be uploading data to HIEv as part of that particular experiment. Note that such users will only gain access to data that is explicitly uploaded under the particular experiment for which they are a member. To find out further information about non-HIE access please contact the HIE Data Manager.

Signing Up

In order to use HIEv you must first register for a new account. To do so, navigate to the HIEv homepage at:

and click on the `Sign Up’ button (either on the bottom left or at the top right of the screen – Figure 1).


Figure 1: Signup Button

On the resulting `registration’ page fill in your name, email and password details.

  • Members of HIE should use their email addresses, so as to enable AAF login in addition to normal login (see ‘AAF Login’ section below)
  • Non-HIE individuals should use their official university or research institution email address. Non-academic email addresses, gmail etc, will result in access to HIEv being denied. (Individuals who are not employed at a university or research institution should contact the HIE Data Manager).
  • Password must be between 6 and 20 characters long and contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one digit and one symbol.

Once you have completed your details, click on the `Submit Request’ button (Figure 2). At this point your request will be forwarded to the Data Manager who, assuming eligibility, will authorise your account. You will automatically receive an email when this has been completed.

Figure 2: HIEv Registration Page

Figure 2: HIEv Registration Page

Logging in

When you receive notification that your account has been authorised, you can continue to log in by revisiting the HIEv homepage and entering the email and password that you provided during registration. Then click on the `Log in’ button to enter the main HIEv application (Figure 3).

Figure 3: HIEv Login

Figure 3: HIEv Login

 AAF Login

You may also log into HIEv using the `Australian Access Federation’ (AAF) which allows you to log in using your host (university or research institution) credentials and thus reduces the necessity to remember multiple login details (As of HIEv version 2.3.02, users must still first register with their own bespoke password, as per above). At HIE, you may only log in using AAF if you initially registered with HIEv using a `’ email address. Those account holders registered with the older `’ email addresses can not currently use AAF login on HIEv. To learn more about AAF you can visit their webpage at

To log in using AAF, navigate to the HIEv homepage and click on the `Log in via AAF’ button (Figure 4).

Figure 4: HIEv AAF login

Figure 4: HIEv AAF login

This will open the AAF webpage where you can use the dropdown list to select your home institution (Figure 5) (At the time of writing Western Sydney University appears as the older name `University of Western Sydney’). Click the `Continue to your organisation’ button once you have selected the correct institution.

Figure 5: Choosing host institution via AAF

Figure 5: Choosing host institution via AAF

You will be redirected to your host institution’s federated login page where you can enter your normal credentials (Figure 6). Assuming you provide the correct information you will then be automatically logged into HIEv.


Figure 6: Western Sydney University Federated Login